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My newest book is "Alien Summer" which comes out more than 10 years after "Pilgrims' Moon".  I may not be speedy, but the way I figure it, it took me 40 years to write "Pilgrims' Moon" and only about 10 years to write "Alien Summer"!



Spending a summer with relatives in rural Lake Tecumseh, Indiana feels like punishment to Chicago teen-ager Cameron Meyer.  Then he meets Lindsay, the girl of his dreams, and learns of the town's reputation as a hotbed of UFO sightings.  Together they investigate whether an alien spacecraft crashed into the lake twenty years earlier.  They soon realize some mysteries are best left unsolved.  Their quirky research project soon becomes a battle to save the small town from complete destruction!


ISBN 1-59286-160-1

Like the 400 other passengers traveling on the space freighter Argo, Scott Thorne expected the two-year voyage to Terranova to pass quickly while he slumbered in biostasis,  Little did he knw that the Argo would pass through a mysterious space-time anomaly and emerge 500 years later in a distant, unexplored region of space with no hope of ever returning to Earth.

A renowned professor of planetology, Scott is enlisted by the crew to locate a hospitable world to colonize before the ship's power reserves are exhausted.  With his own life and those of the other passengers hanging in the balance, Scott directes the Argo to Proxima Tauri IIIB, the smaller world of an intriguing double planet system.  At first the destination appears to be a wise choise -- until the unprepared colonists land and discover what is waiting for them on the surgace . . .

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